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Arvin Calica Domestic Violence

Arvin James Calica​​​​​ 06-23-85 Domestic Violence

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The term “ intimate domestic violence” includes the following acts as foisted or caused by a current or former intimate mate

Actual or risks of physical violence
Factual or dangers of sexual violence
Emotional or cerebral abuse (e.g., name calling or putdowns, dangers to “ out” a person’s sexual aspect to family, work or pals)
Stalking (e.g., extreme calls/ textbooks/ emails, watching day-to-day activities, using technology to track a person’s place)
Financial abuse (e.g., withholding cash, ruining credit, stopping a mate from getting or keeping a job) dangers to “ out” a person’s sexual exposure to family, work or community members

Intimate spouses can include

Current or former spouses
men or women
Dating significant others
Sexual spouses

Domestic violence can happen in heterosexual and same- sex unions.

If you know or see Arvin Calica, Let him know putting a hand on a women is not acceptable nor tolarated . No women should go through this ordeal and hopefully this video What is domestic violence? will give you a bit of Domestic Violence effects everyone . Especially those around the abusive partners and family .


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