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Arvin Calica Domestic Violence

Arvin James Calica​​​​​ 06-23-85 Domestic Violence

Keira Knightley Domestic Violence Advert 2009

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    • The term “ intimate domestic violence” includes the following acts as foisted or caused by a current or former intimate mate
    • Actual or risks of physical violence
    • Factual or dangers of sexual violence

Emotional or cerebral abuse (e.g., name calling or putdowns, dangers to “ out” a person’s sexual aspect to family, work or pals)

  • Stalking (e.g., extreme calls/ textbooks/ emails, watching day-to-day activities, using technology to track a person’s place)
  • Financial abuse (e.g., withholding cash, ruining credit, stopping a mate from getting or keeping a job) dangers to “ out” a person’s sexual exposure to family, work or community members


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Intimate spouses can include

Current or former spouses
men or women
Dating significant others
Sexual spouses

Domestic violence can happen in heterosexual and same- sex unions .

If you know or see Arvin Calica known as AJ abusive husband, Let him know putting a hand on a women is not acceptable nor tolarated . No women should go through this ordeal and hopefully this video Keira Knightley Domestic Violence Advert 2009 will give you a bit of Domestic Violence effects everyone . Especially those around the abusive partners and family .

Regulation requirement and casualty advocates have long mourned the absence of a solid framework to tracks aggressive behavior at home episodes and assurance orders to permit courts and regulation implementation to settle on more educated choices while interfacing with supposed victimizers.

The past adaptation of the data set, was not lined up with the framework regulation requirement utilized, so making various reports was awkward and tedious for officials. The framework likewise didn’t consider a similar degree of detail as the new form, which was made by similar designers as the “eCrash System” framework that officials use for mishap reports.

The new data set is ” an easy to use framework that will advance precise, secure, readable, and rapidly available abusive behavior at home reports,” Fitch said in an articulation. “We have made it as simple as conceivable to get the data they need when (policemen) show up on-scene and to safeguard casualties all through the cycle.”

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STOP Domestic Violence , Say no to it and Seek help.

No one should go through any type of physical or mental abuse in a relationship with their other half or family members, It’s never good for any kids and or anyone to witness this type of behavior or tolerated in society . If you know someone in need of help , get help for them before it’s too late.

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Arvin Calica

Arvin Calica
Arvin Calica a Abusive husband that loves to hit his wive. Stop domestic violence in family home. No children should suffer from Domestic Violence at home.

143-308 Roosevelt Ave


Emotional abuse consists of undermining someone’s sense of mental state via consistent grievance; belittling one’s abilities; call-calling or other verbal abuse; detrimental a companion’s dating with the kids; or now not letting a accomplice see friends and circle of relatives. you may be in an emotionally abusive relationship if your companion:

Calls you names, insults you, or constantly criticizes you.
Does not accept as true with you and acts in a jealous or possessive way.
Ttries to isolate you from family or pals.
monitors in which you move, whom you call, and with whom you spend your time.
Does no longer want you to paintings.
Controls finances or refuses to proportion cash.
Punishes you with the aid of withholding affection.
Expect you to ask permission.
Threatens to hurt you, the kids, your own family, or your pets.
Humiliates you in any manner.